Content Management System

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When you’re shopping around for a website designer, you’ll likely hear a lot of talk about a content management system – or CMS – in relation to your future site.

Years ago a business would need to have a webmaster, programmer or a dedicated team of technical wizards on hand to update the content of their business website. This was usually costly and over-complicated. These days, with a CMS website, anyone can update their own site.

CMS websites allow for quick access to content changes
Allow your website to grow in functionality as needed
Allow you to add new pages, sections and menus to your website
Allow you to add previously complex elements to pages in your site, like galleries and videos without any complicated code

Most CMS websites run on a software framework that connects to a database and provides an administration area for the website owner to login and make updates through. This allows you, the owner, to update the images and text on your website with a similar amount of ease that you would use to open and use a Word document. There is no coding to learn, no hoops to jump through. No extra software needed on your computer.

You simply log into the website and upload your images or type your text.

Overall, it’s much cheaper and easier than having a dedicated team of webmasters coding for hours on end if all you need to do is add a few sentences in a product description or update an article with an extra paragraph. You can also get things done in your own time, without waiting forever for people to get back to you just for a few minor changes.

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