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Just like any other form of digital marketing it is important for businesses to partner a reliable email marketing strategist to ensure you emails are appealing and achieve the desired results.

webartland is a leading provider of Email Marketing services. Our email campaigns have worked tremendously judging from the returns that our clients have recorded after partnering with us. We have specialized in brand selling using customized and optimized email campaigns that have help us attain and maintain our status quo in the digital marketing service providers.

We offer beautiful and engaging HTML email designs and templates that can be easily used by our clients on a number of campaigns.

We design emails that offer campaign success tracking capability by offering reports that can assist you to get glimpse of how you email campaign is fairing on with the capability of knowing who open your emails, their interests and if they shared your email and many more features.

Responsive emails for mobile devices

Research has shown that most users use their mobile phones and tablets to read their emails rather than desktop computers. Partnering with the right Email campaign partner will guarantee you a high conversation rate considering they understand the dynamics and full requirements of mobile responsive email campaigns.

Share your campaigns on social media

Webartland email campaign offer a social media sharing feature which enables you and the subscribers to easily share the campaigns on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. More importantly after sharing your campaign on the social media platforms you will be able to access reports showing how many users shared your campaign.

Grow Your Audience By Socialising Your Email Marketing Campaign
We increase the impact of your business’s message by combining your email marketing with social networking. We include social links as an integral part of our email designs making it accessible for your customers, when it is most relevant, allowing your business to maximize the reach and benefits that social can deliver.

We develop the EDM strategy to consider pipeline management, cross/up selling, acquisition and data mining opportunities for each brand of your business .

We can deliver best practice EDM message strategies at all time to optimize performance and lead generation & develop best practice EDM message strategies at all time to optimize performance and lead generation for your business needs .

Professionally designed email templates
Copywriting, email headlines and messages
Split testing of message headlines
A,B Testing and Analysing the result
Uploading your contact data into a professional email marketing system
Email list segmentation
Sending your emails at optimum times
Dedicated campaign reporting – get reports on open rates, bounces and unsubscribe rates
Integration with Google analytics
Automated email sequences based on user behavior
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