Website Monitoring & Support

Quality Web Design

We are here to assist both during your website project AND well after it’s been deployed.

Webartland support continues long after deployment of a website and we prefer to build long lasting relationships with our clients.

From a warranty standpoint, all Webartland sites are protected under the following:

  • 90-day code/bug warranty from Webartland.
  • Webartland fixes any issue that either:
    • Works contra to the way it was described in the ‘Discovery Document’,
    • Is a missed requirement from the Discovery Phase
  • From an ongoing consultation and support point of view, Webartland has a refined process that allows you to get help in a number of ways.

Using our client portal, clients can log in and request support anytime. Further, clients can dictate the priority and rate they will pay thus allowing clients to save money the more they plan ahead.

In general, if any change to the site requires requirements analysis or more significant discussion Webartland would generally undertake that work under the guise of a small project. Webartland would analyse the requirements and provide a summary and quotation to be reviewed before initiating the work.

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